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Do I really need a Canada Immigration Consultant

Immigration to Canada can turn out to be a wonderful or mind-numbing, complicated and confusing experience. Immigration itself is a tough process, multiple forms and document submissions can easily confuse the regular do-it-yourself individual. Which leads us to the question – Should I do it myself or use an immigration consultant?

Before we begin, one must realize that immigrating to Canada is an important step in life. Your mindset must be tuned towards showing immigration authorities that your case is genuine and a progression from your existing phase in life to the next one. Immigration is not a stop gap, temporary arrangement. The idea here is not to just fill out a bunch of forms and hope for the best. It is about putting together your case in the right perspective before the authorities. Correct representation will aid in avoiding delays, misrepresentation or potential refusals or rejections.

Advantages of using an Immigration Consultant

A good immigration consultant offers the following benefits:

  1. He is in touch with current requirements and industry trends
  2. He can present your case in the right perspective to immigration authorities
  3. You are not his first case (If you are – change your consultant!). He has gathered experience over the years by processing many cases similar to yours
  4. He can simplify complex legalities and help you understand the requirement and options available
  5. He will help avoid common mistakes thus reducing delays or rejections
  6. He will offer advice which includes options to help speed up your immigration process or determine the most appropriate immigration route
  7. He will represent you in front of immigration authorities in case of an appeal or investigation
  8. He offers trusted and honest advice and will always aim at getting your case right the first time round
  9. Your agreement can be done either to only receive a consultation or for full service which includes documentation and process
  10. A good immigration consultant will be able to assess the merits of your case upfront and suggest the best course of action regarding your application

Doing it yourself –  Is it worth it?

Some people prefer doing their immigration application by themselves. The main advantage of doing it yourself is avoiding paying consultation and processing fees. The analogy here is of fixing your car by yourself or using a qualified mechanic. If you have the skills, fixing your car should be of no issue. If you don’t your car may break down at any point. A true mechanic (good immigration consultant) will help fix your car in such a way that the chances of a break-down are much less.

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