How do I choose the right Canadian Immigration Consultant?

Immigration Consultant

Immigrating to Canada can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. Having made up your mind to settle down in Canada, the first step which many of us take is to access the official Canadian Government Immigration website and learn about the process of immigration. We then proceed to download relevant application forms. Many of us try to do it on our own but soon realize that a Canadian Immigration Consultant can definitely help us through the immense jungle of paperwork and documentation.

7 Steps for selecting the right Canadian Immigration Consultant

1. Lowest Price might compromise quality of service

Be careful when it comes to what you are paying for. A lower than average price may not include many services or may reflect inexperience. Find out the average cost for your service and stay within the range. Remember, complexity of cases handled in the past, experience and success rates are reflected in a consultant’s charges.

2. Shop Around

Never settle with the first Immigration Consultant you are introduced to. Talk to various consultants, undergo free consultations, understand the simplicity or complexity of your case better. Every consultant brings something different to the table. You need to identify their area of expertise.

3. Use known sources or referrals

If you get a reference or hear about a Canadian Immigration Consultant from a known source your level of comfort and trust automatically increases.

4. Interview your final set of Immigration Consultants

After having narrowed down on a potential shortlist, make use of free consultations to assess the skills and knowledge of the Immigration Consultant. There may be a huge difference between what’s on a website and the actual service offered. As an example, at Jet Immigration Ltd. the Consultants allow for a free consult and spend a good amount of time making you comfortable with what they are willing to offer. It may be face-to-face or via telephone.

5. Ask for References

If you have narrowed on an Immigration firm and have no past background or history, ask for references. Good Immigration Consultants will happily provide you with references of past clients to help you gauge their experience.

6. Use a Consultant who is comfortable in your local language

Many immigration cases are from those nations where English is not a first language. Having a lawyer who understands you and your language (reading and writing) helps you to communicate your case more clearly. He also understand implications of options presented.

7. Verify your Canadian Immigration Consultants’s credentials

Take time to check out any awards the firm has won, any associations, recognition, past affiliations, current contacts, registrations and certifications undertaken. This will help give an idea of the quality of work which one may expect.

Remember, good consultants are those who are willing to invest time with you. They will make an effort to know you and your case to the best of their abilities. They will not speak about fees all the time and leave the onus on you to get things done.

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