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Want to be an International Student in Canada? Here’s the Strategy…

Every year thousands of international students join Canadian Colleges and Universities. The thrill of being an international student is an exciting and enriching experience but once completed, many dreams are shattered when students want to stay on and permanently immigrate to Canada. Here’s the catch. Many students find great difficulty in securing permanent immigration once their work permit expires. Add to this the mounting debt in the form of student loans. Sounds scary? It won’t be, if you plan out your immigration strategy well in advance…

3 Steps to ensure your residence in Canada as an International Student

Choose your courses wisely

As an international student, the courses and college you select will ultimately make or break your career and employment opportunities in Canada. If you wish to ultimately immigrate to Canada and avoid unemployment do your due diligence regarding the course:

  • Is your course in line with high demand occupations in Canada?
  • Is it in line with your past studies?
  • Does the chosen course belong to an occupation which will be in demand in the long term future as well?
  • How competitive is the profession you wish to get in to? Greater competition could spell lower paying jobs with less chances of employment

DO NOT rely on overseas student recruiters and/or ghost consultants. Their interests lie in filling up course seats, not in securing your future. Do your own research and actively participate in the course selection process. It is your future which is at stake, not theirs.

Volunteer work may be paid or unpaid but counts as valuable experience. It also gives you a view in to what your future profession will be like. Employers value volunteer work. It counts more if you can volunteer at an organization which fits your targeted occupation.
Engage in volunteer work during your studies in your free time, weekends, study breaks and vacations. Avoid taking up odd jobs which do not align with your overall employment plan. Remember, self-employment does not count as valid experience!

Seek professional help from a licensed immigration professional

Trusted advice from an immigration professional will go a long way in helping you in securing permanent immigration. They will advise you not only about the best course of action regarding your selection of courses and future job opportunities but will also provide sound advice regarding your options for permanent immigration – how to do it smoothly, error-free and with correct procedures. Good immigration professionals help getting it right the first time itself, thus avoiding delays and costly appeals.

The best time to contact a licensed immigration professional is during your studies. Planning in advance is always smart. If you have already completed your course, aim to contact an immigration professional just before your open work permit runs out. After all, they specialize in making a smooth transition from your work visa/student visa to your Permanent Residence (PR) Visa.

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