Applying for Canada Tourist Visa? Avoid these mistakes

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Tourist Visa

Applying for a Tourist Visa to Canada? Avoid these costly mistakes

Wanting to visit someone or see the extensive beauty of Canada begins with applying for a Tourist Visa. While some receive this visa with ease, others have their dreams shattered with their visa being rejected. Authorities are tough – they are well aware of which case is genuine or misrepresented.

4 Mistakes to avoid when applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa

Not providing accurate information

When filing in the paperwork ensure details like date of birth, gender, family information, name spelling, income, period of stay is accurate. Misrepresentation almost always leads to a denial.

Forgetting to mention your history with Canada Immigration

When you apply, do not forget to mention any previous visa applications or denials from Canada or any other country. Immigration officials take all this information extremely seriously.

Manipulating the truth

Stay away from any ghost consultants who advise to manipulate information, misrepresent facts and doctor the documents. Enlist the help of a trusted Immigration Firm to process your visa properly and get it right the first time itself.

Not demonstration sufficient ties

Ties refer to connections which make you have to return to your home country. The more ties you show, the stronger is your Tourist Visa to Canada’s case. Having a job in your home country, family, a large bank account, assets etc. all demonstrate that you will return to your home country once your visa period ends. Furnish detailed information on your family and social ties to your country of residence, your financial establishment, incentive to return from Canada, why would you NOT violate the terms and conditions of visa.

Remember, Canada Immigration Officials are well aware of what constitutes a genuine and a fake case where the applicant plans to overstay. The best way to keep the officials from doubting you is to provide a complete, honest and accurate case. This will tremendously help in granting your Tourist Visa to Canada!

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