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Visa Refusal and Immigration Appeals

Canada Immigration Appeals and Visa Renewal/ Extension Services

Jet Immigration is a leading provider of immigration services, offering support and guidance to individuals and businesses seeking to navigate the complex landscape of Canadian immigration. With a focus on immigration appeals and visa renewal/extension services, Jet Immigration is dedicated to helping clients achieve their immigration goals. Their experienced Canada immigration appeals consultants are knowledgeable in all aspects of immigration law and have a successful track record of handling immigration appeals cases. Whether you’re facing a challenging immigration situation or simply need assistance with visa renewal or extension, Jet Immigration has the expertise to help. Choose Jet Immigration for reliable and comprehensive immigration services.

Has your Visa been refused or rejected? We can help you appeal

If your Canada Visa application for Spousal Sponsorship, Parental Sponsorship or Permanent Residence has been refused, we can help. Before any course of action is undertaken, it is best to understand which authority will be dealing with after a refusal.

Which Authorities looks into my Visa Refusal?

If an application is refused by an Immigration or Visa Officer, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada provides for certain legal recourse for specific classes. The said recourse is mainly categorized at 2 levels i.e. Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) and the Federal Court Judicial Reviews.

Below are the jurisdictions of these two authorities. They are Visa specific:

Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

    • Sponsorship Appeals: Spousal Sponsorship Refusals, Parents Sponsorship Refusals (Income Requirement, Medical Inadmissibility etc.)
    • Remover Order Appeals
    • Residency Obligation Appeals

Judicial Review/Federal Court Judicial Review

    • Economic Class Refusals – Skilled Worker, Business Class Applicants
    • Temporary Visa Refusals
    • Failed IAD Appeals
    • Failed Refugee Claim Appeals

It is mentionable here that while there are plenty of legal recourses in place, it is important to understand your case and analyze whether there is sufficient merit to appeal. If your case is less likely to succeed in and Appeals/Judicial Review, other options are available. An experienced Immigration Consultant will help determine your best course of action.

As an example, in some cases it is more time effective, less costly and successful to re-apply with a corrected fresh Immigration Application.

What Jet Immigration can do for you

Our legal experts can help:

    • Assess the merits and demerits of your case
    • Help identify key factors that led to the visa refusal or rejection
    • Provide consultation on your best course of action
    • Represent you before immigration authorities

To know more about whether you should appeal to an Immigration Decision or re-apply and your chances of success in either of these, please CONTACT US for No-Obligation confidential consultation.


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