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Received a Permanent Residency Questionnaire? Seek help now

Receiving a Permanent Residency Questionnaire is quite common due to an increase in fraud cases. Use an expert and get it right the first time.

international students - PR strategy

Want to be an International Student in Canada? Here’s the Strategy

Read the strategy that can help an international student transition into a permanent resident of Canada.

Immigrating to Canada via the Business Investment route? Here are the key tips

Here are the key business investment application requirements for immigrating to Canada in a nutshell.

Express Entry Work Experience

STOP! Don’t let your Work Experience stall your Canada Express Entry Application

Incorrect work experience details can lead to rejection of your Express Entry Application. Be careful of what you send as proof of work experience.

Canada Immigration Forum

Immigration Forum or Immigration Consultant – Who gives the right advice?

Should I take Canadian Immigration advice from an Immigration Forum or an Immigration Consultant? 5 reasons why an Immigration Consultant wins hands down…

Immigration Investigation

Immigration Investigation and Fraud – Seek help from the experts

Don’t let an immigration investigation hamper your chances of successful immigration to Canada. Seek expert advice and put your best case forward…

Has an Immigration Consultant promised you a too good to be true Canada Job Offer? Beware!

Is your Immigration Consultant offering you a Canada Immigration Visa and Canada Job Offer which sounds too good to be true? It probably is, be careful.

Referral Schemes

Immigration Referral Schemes – Good Money with little effort

Referral Schemes help both clients and the business. Those who refer earn a little extra while the business can ensure a steady stream of new leads. The prospective client also has a strong reference. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Immigration Consultant

How do I choose the right Canadian Immigration Consultant?

Need help with your Immigration Visa? Don’t rush and hire the first Canadian Immigration Consultant you meet. Evaluate your options carefully.

Canada Visa rejected? Seek proper legal help and guidance

If your Visa has been rejected or denied, don’t worry. Understand and explore your options available. Seek advice from the experts to free you from your immigration nightmares…

Be careful when filling Immigration Forms

Filling out your Immigration Forms? Be careful

Avoid these potential mistakes when filling out your Immigration Forms. Don’t be subject to unnecessary delays due to incorrect information.

Tourist Visa

Applying for Canada Tourist Visa? Avoid these mistakes

Avoid having your Canada Tourist Visa rejected. Avoid these costly mistakes will applying… Read more

Do I really need a Canada Immigration Consultant

Immigration Consultant – Do I really need one?

Immigration to Canada can turn out to be a wonderful or mind-numbing, complicated and confusing experience…