Immigration Forum or Immigration Consultant – Who gives the right advice?

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Should I take Immigration advice from an Immigration Forum or an Immigration Consultant?

When filling out your Canadian immigration application forms, we commonly seek out advice from Immigration Forums, trying to bypass going to an immigration consultancy and speaking to an Immigration Consultant. Of course this methodology may work for some but for others it may lead to utter confusion. Here are some key issues with taking advice from a forum.

5 Reasons why an Immigration Forum is not the answer. An Immigration Consultant is!

1. Skills,experience & qualifications of the advisor

Anyone can write anything in an Immigration Forum, irrespective of whether he is qualified or not. Unsuspecting individuals have had their cases delayed and rejected because they trusted a forum and not an expert. An Immigration Consultant is trained in the profession of immigration consultancy hence speaks from experience and acquired knowledge.

2. Each case is different

Most people offer advice based on their personal experiences. What they have gone through may not be what you are going through or needs to be done in your case even if it sounds similar. Immigration does not follow a standard template – each person is reviewed differently. A good immigration consultant will understand the merits of your case and put forward your available options.

3. Honest and Reliable Advice

A lot of advice on an immigration forum may be quick fixes and might be outside the boundaries of the law. A professional immigration consultant is licensed and bound by law to provide honest, truthful and genuine legal counsel to help you with your immigration.

4. Missing or Incomplete Advice

Many a time, the example presented in an immigration forum might be the same as yours. Unfortunately, the writer might have hidden some facts or skipped writing a few steps in his solution. When you try it you may soon realize multiple issues with the presented solution.

5. Dated Advice

Immigration Forums are mostly open for years. Advice given at some point may be valid for that particular time period and case. If rules and regulations have changed since the post, an individual may unknowingly attempt to use that advice and do something which might not be valid or is no longer required. An Immigration Consultant is always updated with the latest legalities regarding immigration. He will always offer trusted advice specific the merits of your case.

Forums should only be consulted for casual information. They may provide an idea, guidelines or a path but treating them as the final solution with matters concerning immigration is not only risky but dangerous. Always seek professional advice from a trusted immigration consultant to help ensure complete documentation and a smooth immigration.

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