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The Permanent Residency Questionnaire is a valuable tool used by Canadian Immigration Authorities to correctly assess the genuineness and extract detailed information from applicants seeking to renew their Permanent Residence visas or applications for Canadian Citizenship. When an immigration officer feels that the presented information is inadequate, he requests for this 8 to 10-page document to be filled up. The document is cleverly drafted, it’s questions help bring out the truth behind any application and enable a correct assessment. Nowadays, receiving a Permanent Residency Questionnaire is quite common due to an increase in fraud cases and misrepresentations. Those who frequently fly in and out of the Canada are served with this form since Immigration Officials wish to assess the correctness of dates and period of stay in Canada. The questionnaire itself, asks exhaustive details about the applicant’s work history, current and previous addresses, educational qualifications and other details of the applicant and other family members.

How to submit the Permanent Residency Questionnaire

Answering this document needs careful deliberation and close scrutiny. The integrity of your application depends on this. Always be as accurate as possible. Many applicants have their facts in order but are not skilled at presenting the evidence clearly, in a smart effective way. Immigration firms like Jet Immigration have the required skills and knowledge to ensure effective presentation of your case. As this document has become quite common nowadays, immigration firms have helped numerous individuals avoid visa rejections or refusals after submission of this document.

Ways to avoid receiving a Permanent Residency Questionnaire

This document is requested mostly whenever there is a question of application integrity. A common issue is a mismatch or lack of supporting documents. You may also be flagged on the basis of having more than one valid passport, not spending enough days in Canada within the last 5 years or you are Self-Employed and also a National of a high risk nation. This can be avoided by seeking professional help at the initial application stage. When supporting documents are correctly presented upfront chances of receiving the questionnaire are minimized. Jet Immigration Ltd. offers honest and proficient Canadian Immigration Consultancy tailored to the needs of every client. Securing your trust and offering you professional, quality service is our primary aim. With a team of highly seasoned professionals, we strive to provide a one-stop package of professional services at very reasonable fees than that one may expect from any High-Quality Canadian Immigration Law Firm. Our Mission Statement says it all: SERVICE-TRUST-SUCCESS!!! The firm is headed by Mr. Monitpal Soni – the President-cum-Principal Consultant of Jet Immigration Ltd, who holds over 18 years of experience in various Canadian Immigration matters. Year 2016 marks 42 years of Soni family’s commitment to the Canadian Immigration consultancy industry which started from a small town in Northern India back on 13th April 1974.

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