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Immigration Investigation

Need help with an Immigration Investigation? Don’t panic, here’s what you can do

Speak of Canada and you hear about polite citizens, fresh air, all-round greenery and a structured way of life. Canada is definitely a beautiful place to live and the Liberal Canadian Government is making many attempts to bring in maximum newcomers to live the Canadian way of life each year.

Unfortunately, the sudden influx of immigration cases has led to many trying to take shortcuts to enter Canada. This has led to many cases are being put under investigation as result of lack of genuine relationships, fraudulent documents, misrepresentations, divorces happening soon after the landing of the sponsored spouse etc. Most these cases are caught under the careful lens of immigration officials.

In light of using and abusing the immigration gateway for improper purposes, many genuine cases are also getting caught in this whirlwind. Immigration authorities have now started immigration investigation proceedings against those cases of honest, genuine, hard-working applicants, leaving them in utter confusion with how to go about avoiding being penalized.

Being a tricky situation, these cases demand a greater sense of caution and knowledge about immigration laws and proceedings of this nature. The best advice – get a knowledgeable immigration consultant. A good immigration consultant will spend the required amount of time, energy and effort to understand the complexities and merits of your case, the reasons for an ongoing immigration investigation and whether you are in the clear or not. He will then proceed to give a sound legal opinion as to the options you have and the best course of action. If you agree to his services, he will act as your defense counsel and proceed to give suitable reply regarding the genuineness of your case to the Immigration Officials. He will also represent you in case of further investigative interviews and work on appeals, if required.

Most individuals do not have in-depth knowledge of the immigration process and seek guidance. In case of an investigation, it is always recommended that individuals seek professional help to avoid being misrepresented and penalized for no fault of theirs

Individuals must realize that an immigration investigation or fraud is not only illegal but may attract criminal proceedings. Committing fraud not only attracts severe penalties but also maligns the overall impression of a particular ethnicity and/or nationality group. This would ultimately affect the immigration of your near and dear ones as well. It is best to have solid legal counsel to avoid this.

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