Has an Immigration Consultant promised you a too good to be true Canada Job Offer? Beware!

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Is your Immigration Consultant promising a too good to be true Canada Job Offer? It probably is.

Each one of us works hard at getting a better job and achieving a better lifestyle. We are even willing to change countries to make our dreams come true. Every year thousands hire the services of immigration firms promising quick visas and a lucrative Canada Job Offer. Most sign up without any due diligence, later repenting on messed up dreams, empty promises and burnt savings in the form of fees to these immigration firms.

Developing nations like India offer ample scope for these overseas/ghost consultants and/or manpower recruitment consultants who actively sell a Canada Job Offer with visa packages. The market is still unregulated and this lets them say whatever they want to trap unsuspecting individuals into their fold. They offer extremely attractive salaries, guaranteed jobs, guaranteed visas and even free accommodation etc. to lure clients.

5 Signs that your Canada Job offer and Visa might be a fraud

1. You are promised quick entry in to a temporary foreign worker program

Be aware that these types of offers under the current Temporary Foreign Worker Program of Canada have extremely strict qualifying criteria for employers. Ensure that you know the criteria and meet the same before parting with your money.

2. You are guaranteed a basic entry-level job

In Canada, almost all basic positions are generally reserved for locals. They are not approved for foreign workers. If offered a basic position, be alert.

3. The job offers presented mention departure within a few days/weeks

Immigration/Work Permits/Scrutiny are not an immediate process. There is considerable time between accepting an offer and actually reaching Canada. Beware of fast processing schemes. They may not be genuine.

4. The job description is sketchy and incomplete

Promises of a ‘Bank Job’ do not represent what you are actually getting. Canadian employers have very distinct job descriptions and eligibility criteria. If you’re agent/consultant is not clear about the job, this may indicate future trouble.

5. Your pay is out of the world

Your salary is always evaluated by a prospective employer based on your skills, experience and qualifications. If you feel a consultant is offering much more than you’re worth or the position is worth, the offer may be fraudulent.

5 Ways to avoid being scammed by Immigration Consultants

Avoiding immigration and job fraud is not easy but due diligence must always be exercised.

  1. Research the Company online. Ensure that the website, Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter all add up. No jobs are given out without a job interview. No interview means no job.
  2. Talk to your prospective employer is possible. Ensure they are for real.
  3. If you have friends/relatives in Canada, ask them to check out the employer’s address
  4. Take a second opinion from an immigration consultant within Canada. They can verify whether the offer is genuine or if the company exists or not. Many Immigration Firms offer this verification service.
  5. Verify the correspondence. Large employers have their own company email ID. They don’t send email through free accounts (yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc.). Emails offering jobs from large organizations will not have grammar and spelling mistakes. Poorly worded emails come from developing nations where English is not a first language.

Jet Immigration Ltd. offers honest and proficient Canadian Immigration Consultancy tailored to the needs of every client. We provide Employer Verification Services as well sound advice on procuring jobs and necessary work visas. Securing your trust and offering you professional, quality service is our primary aim. With a team of highly seasoned professionals, we strive to provide a one-stop package of professional services at very reasonable fees than that one may expect from any High-Quality Canadian Immigration Law Firm. 

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