Immigration Referral Schemes – Good Money with little effort

Immigration Referrals

Immigration Referral Schemes – Good Money with little effort

After having gone through the complex maze of immigrating to Canada or are still being in the process, you will quickly realize that having a trusted, professional Immigration Consultant really helps. Once your immigration is complete, you may be tempted to provide  leads through the firm’s immigration referral schemes and allow others to benefit from your experiences. Now, what if an Immigration Firm sweetened the deal a bit in your favor?

In today’s immigration scenario, referrals for business is common practice. Some may view it as a quick, money making scheme but referrals do provide a host of benefits, not only to the person referring but to the person referred and Immigration Firm as well.

Benefits to the person referring


Yes, each referral on conversion provides a monetary incentive. Think of it as some additional pocket money, with little effort from your end.

Benefits to the referred person

An idea about the process

It is normally seen that when you agree to be referred, your friend has previously briefed you about what the process is, documents required are and time it will take etc. This helps you start your immigration with some background about the firm or consultant already in place.

Completed Background Check

When referred, you will not need to worry about the Immigration Firm’s reputation, it’s success ratios and charges. Since your friend has already gone through the process and recommends it, the firm will have already proved itself as a good consultancy provider.

Benefits to the Immigration Firm

Immigration referral schemes tremendously help reduce barriers of resistance towards accepting a service. The referred person is normally high on confidence regarding the firm’s abilities. This helps the firm focus their energy on solving or process his case more freely and not wasting time haggling and proving themselves.

What are good Immigration Referral Schemes

Good Canadian Immigration Referral Schemes are those where no extra costs are passed on to the referred client. Instead, referrals are paid out of the regular fees which are charged.  The idea of a referral scheme is to not only grow the business but to develop a greater level of understanding and long lasting relationship between the firm, their existing clients and new referrals, thus enhancing service levels. Payments to the individual referring most also be prompt and money transferred in a convenient way.

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