Canada Visa rejected? Seek proper legal help and guidance

Visa denied? There are many times where in spite of our best efforts, due diligence and genuineness, our immigration visa application to Canada gets rejected or denied. It may be an earth-shattering moment but as I just said, it could be just a moment and nothing more. There are several steps which you can take to bring your application back to life…

Visa Rejections, Refusals and Denials (Know your options)

Analyze the Refusal Letter in Detail

First and foremost, carefully study the Refusal Letter. Understand what are the reasons for refusal of your application. If the reasons for refusal are vague or unclear, you can get a detailed reason for refusal by filing as Access to Information Request (If you are outside Canada) or a Privacy Act Request (If you are inside Canada). These requests can be made online. Citizenship and Immigration Canada must provide details within 30 days of receipt of the request. They normally reply by email.

Check your initial submission

Regardless of the fact whether the reasons for a rejected visa are justified or not as per your opinion, go through everything you submitted. Many a time, there is a document which has been missed or unintentionally a detail was wrongly filled, leading up to a rejection. For instance, something as simple as your Bank Statement not having your name on it can lead to a visa denial.

Seek Legal Counsel

Once you have made an initial assessment of what you think led to the Visa rejection, seek help from a trusted Immigration Lawyer. Get his professional opinion. Allow him to value your case based on its merits and explain your legal options.

Weigh your options

Carefully assess the options available to you. Understand whether your case merits legal recourse such reapplying versus appealing the existing case. Be clear on time, energy, effort and monetary expenses involved with the course of action you choose.

An Appeal is not always the best option

Amidst our high-flying emotions, we tend to think that appealing is always the best way to clear a case. Let your your immigration counsel advise you on the best route available. Many times an appeal may not be the best recourse and you might be better off reapplying for a certain immigration stream

Visa Rejected? We can help

As a leading expert in handling complex immigration cases involving visa denials and rejections, we at Jet Immigration Ltd. might be able to help, both in terms of identifying you legal recourse available as well as representing you.

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