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Filling out your Immigration Forms? Be careful

Canada Immigration Forms
Be careful when filling Immigration Forms

Filling out your immigration forms? Avoid these 5 common mistakes

To fill out your immigration forms, careful examination and due diligence is a must. Since the application is your passport to permanent residency in Canada, immigration authorities exercise great caution and scrutiny of all that you write in your application form.  Any misrepresentation or missed out details frequently lead to delays, penalties, rejections or even refusals.

To ensure that your application goes through the first time, avoid these 5 common mistakes:

  1. Choosing the right Application Form

Depending on your country of residence, your type of immigration form differs. For example, in case of family sponsorship, whether you are applying from within Canada or outside Canada makes a difference. Using the wrong form leads to unnecessary delays. A list of available forms can be found here.

  1. Your Personal Details

Ensure your personal and biometric details are accurate. Pay extra attention to small details like your passport number, date of birth, number of siblings etc. Answer critical questions carefully like previous medical/criminal/application/refusals/misrepresentation issues. Remember the authorities are one step ahead of you. If there is any discrepancy, the form is designed to help them find out.

  1. Missing out on Particulars

Sometimes, in haste, a column asking for vital information is missed out. This will again throw your application out of gear. Ensure that all columns are answered. Professional Canadian Immigration Firms help examine and fill out your form, ensuring that nothing has been skipped or missed.

  1. Form Legibility

The Canadian Government allows for both handwritten and computer typed applications. If handwritten, ensure that the writing is legible and clean.

  1. Signatures and Sign Dates

Immigration is a complex process and application forms involve multiple signatures across various sections. A common cause of delay is due to missing signatures/sign-date or signatures being done in the wrong places. Avoid this be seeking professional help when in doubt.

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