STOP! Don’t let your Work Experience stall your Canada Express Entry Application

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Express Entry Work Experience

STOP! Don’t let your Work Experience stall your Express Entry Application


It is often seen that incorrect Work Experience is the single-most mistake committed by many applicants for Visa Programs within the Express Entry System for Canada. Applicants are unable to prove their work experience correctly to Immigration Authorities. Not doing this right the first time round leads to return or denial of your application, ultimately ending up in delays, rejection or even reaching the application intake cap before you can appeal or reply.

6 Ways to get your work experience submission right the first time round


1. Understand the work experience criteria mentioned on the form

If you have the slightest confusion or are unable to interpret what something means – seek professional help. Letting your ‘I will do it myself’ ego go, will only help you in the long run. Immigration Consultants have handled hundreds of cases like yours, they know what is being sought within the application form. Misinterpretation of criteria will only lead to delays or rejection depending upon the situation.

2. Follow the checklist in its true sense

Do not assume that skipping a few documents here and there will lead to a favorable outcome. Canadian immigration is very strict. If they have asked for a documents, it has been asked for a reason.

3. Any substitutes/alternative docs may not work

Unless otherwise mentioned, do not substitute your documents. If you have trouble in obtaining a particular document, a good Immigration Consultant will help guide you on getting it.

4. Self-declarations do not work

As the headline says, do not rely on self-declarations. Ensure a competent authority has validated your documents as per the instructions by the Canadian Government on the form.

5. If you are Self – Employed – Be extra careful

If you are Self-Employed, it becomes very tricky to prove that you have in fact, performed all the duties and tasks you have mentioned. There have been cases where a very well established dental surgeon in a metropolitan city got rejected due to lack of adequate proof of experience working as a ‘hands on’ as a dentist. Seek professional help to draft suitable replies experience related questions.

6. In case of Supporting Documents – More is always less!

Never shy away from attaching supporting documents. When in doubt,  more the better. In the quest for greater supporting documentation, ensure what you submit is relevant and certified as required by law.

Submitting your work experience correctly the first time round will definitely help ensure smooth processing of your application. When in doubt, an Immigration Expert will definitely provide correct, trusted advice as compared to doing it yourself or seeking help from friends and family.

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