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Every year, thousands of people use the Canada Express Entry system to submit applications for immigration to Canada. The candidates are chosen using a mechanism that takes into account their performance on an immigration program.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of points needed to be granted an Invitation to Apply (ITA) increased dramatically and the cutoff point for each Express Entry draw is still very high. This indicates that many applicants are unlikely to receive an ITA because of low marks. However, Bill C-19 from the Canadian government gives some potential immigrants optimism.

We will look at how the Express System will change in 2023 and how you might be able to become a permanent resident in this blog.


How Will Canada’s Express Entry Change in 2023?

In 2023, the Canadian government intends to grant permanent residency to 465,000 individuals. 485,000 will be added to this number in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025. Many of these candidates will be selected through the Canada immigration Express Entry process, which will alter in 2023 as a result of Bill C-19.

Traditionally, the Express Entry system has selected candidates based on the points they get for having specific talents, education levels, and language abilities. The Express Entry system will begin choosing candidates when Bill C-19 takes effect based on their occupation, education, or language, even if their CRS is low.


    • IRCC is considering adding a category for work experience in some professions that have a persistent labor shortage.

    • It’s also considering creating a category that would make more temporary foreign employees eligible for Express Entry.

    • IRCC is also thinking about accepting candidates who speak French. Candidates who speak French and are multilingual may be easily selected under the Canada express entry system.


These adjustments are to be made by the Canadian government in an effort to solve labor shortages in important sectors and professions. For those with poor CRS scores who couldn’t obtain an ITA under the standard Express Entry process, these “targeted drawings” provide hope.


How Much CRS Score is Good for PR?

In 2023, CRS scores between 470 and 495 will be regarded as satisfactory. Such candidates have a good possibility of being selected for an ITA through the Canada Express Entry system 2023. If you have the qualifications the Canadian Government is looking for with its new targeted draws – skills, education, or language proficiency – you can still be eligible for an ITA even if your CRS score is below 470.

You can try the tips given below to obtain permanent residency if your CRS score is less than 470.


Receive a job offer

You can acquire 50 to 200 CRS points by receiving a full-time work offer from a Canadian business. A copy of the written job offer stating your position, your responsibilities, your pay, and your terms of employment must be provided if you are claiming points for a job offer under Express Entry. You must also provide evidence of your LMIA approval or LMIA exemption.

Use the provincial nominee programs application

Through one of the numerous Provincial Nominee Programs, you can submit an application for permanent residence. Some of these programs are more appropriate than Express Entry programs for business owners, international graduates and those in particular occupations.

Study in Canada

You can obtain a study permit to enter Canada as an international student and after graduating, you can apply for a post-graduate work permit. With this work permit, you can then find employment in Canada and gain important job experience. When you apply for permanent residence via the Canadian Experience Class program, you can use your work experience to raise your CRS score.

Visitor Visa to Work Permit

With a visiting visa, you can travel to Canada to hunt for employment. You can apply for a Canadian work permit and start working in Canada if you are successful in persuading a company to recruit you and complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Then you can work there and use your employment history to increase your CRS points.

Learn French

You may get up to 50 CRS points based on how well you speak French. Because of this, studying French and passing a French language exam can be your ticket to earning a few more CRS points.


Best Immigration Programs for a PR Visa to Canada in 2023

Canada is an attractive option for immigrants. The immigration process can be complex but with the right guidance and support, it is possible to navigate the different programs and requirements to achieve your immigration goals. The top programs to obtain Canada PR in 2023 include:

Express Entry

One of the most well-preferred immigration pathways for potential immigrants continues to be the Canada Express Entry option. However, it is expected that the CRS points needed to qualify for an ITA would remain high. Due to the high CRS scores of several applicants, the scoring requirement cannot be lowered until each applicant has received their ITA. You already know the ways to raise your CRS Score if you wish to use the Express Entry procedure to apply for Canadian immigration.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Many provinces invite candidates for permanent residency depending on various backgrounds and skill levels. If you have a legitimate employment offer from a Canadian company in one of these provinces, you can apply for Canadian immigration through one of the programs. You may find it less difficult to obtain permanent residency through one of the Provincial Nominee Programs than through Express Entry.

Family-Class Immigration

In 2023, the family-class immigration policies won’t alter. Through these programs, a permanent resident of Canada may sponsor a spouse, parent, or dependant child for immigration to Canada. If the sponsored person has the skills or qualities to apply for immigration through the Express Entry system or any Provincial Nominee Program, this immigration technique may be useful.

Quebec Immigration Programs

Quebec has a variety of immigration options. The majority favor French-speaking entrepreneurs, competent employees and investors who can boost the province’s economy. These programs set themselves apart from other provincial nominee programs, making them a strong match for candidates who speak French.

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