Canada Skilled Worker Immigration- Who Qualifies?

Canada Skilled Worker Program

The Government of Canada realized the Express Entry Immigration system below the Economic Class, with the Federal Skilled Worker Program, on January 1, 2015.  

Federal Skilled Workers, under Express Entry, across 347 eligible occupations who meet minimum entry criteria submit an interest profile creation to the Express Entry Pool.  The profiles of candidates in the pool are ranked under a Comprehensive Ranking System.  The highest-ranked candidates will be judged for an invitation to appeal for permanent residence. Candidates holding an invitation must offer a complete application within a delay of 90-days. 

Federal Skilled Workers are people with befitting proper education, work experience, age and language proficiency under Canada’s official languages and chosen under the Express Entry Immigration system to employ for permanent residence. 

Applicants must satisfy the following provisions to qualify for admission to the Express Entry Pool as a Federal Skilled Worker: 

Essential Conditions for Canadian PR: 

  • Hold one-year of consecutive full-time paid work experience or the equivalent in steady part-time employment within the previous ten years in one of 347 eligible occupations registered below the applicable National Occupational Classification system; AND 
  • The work experience needs to be classified within Skill Type 0 (Managerial Occupations), Skill Level A (Professional Occupations), or Skill Level B (Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades) within the meaning of the National Occupational Classification system; AND 
  • Score sufficient points are supporting the skilled worker point grid covering six selection factors. The current pass mark is 67 points; 
  • Undergo language examination from a verified third party and exhibit intermediate-level language abilities in English or French corresponding to the Canadian Language Benchmark of 7) 
  • Possess suitable settlement funding; 
  • Experience a successful security backdrop and medical examination. 

Qualified applicants are assessed against six factors to ascertain their eligibility for immigration to Canada. Applicants must take a sum of 67 points out of a potential 100 to qualify. The selection factors are: 

  1. Education; 
  2. Language; 
  3. Employment experience; 
  4. Age; 
  5. Arranged employment; 
  6. Adaptability; 

The new program endeavors to choose candidates with the highest probability of financial settlement success and enrichment to Canada.  It maintains prior criteria with modification to the relevant importance and points arrangement for each selection factor. 

Selection Factors for Skilled Worker Immigration

To be chosen under the FSW program, applicants who hold adequate work experience and language proficiency must acquire a minimum of 67 points on the skilled worker selection framework, which allots points for education, language, employment experience, age, arranged Canadian employment and adaptability. 

Education – Maximum of 25 points 

The maximum number of points granted for education is 25, with top points given to doctoral degrees applicants. Foreign credentials will be assessed by a designated third party to manage their Canadian equivalent, and points will be awarded based on that equivalence. At this rate, organizations chosen for credential evaluation are: 

  • Comparative Education Service: University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies; 
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada; 
  • World Education Services; 
  • Medical Council of Canada. 

Language – Minimum threshold of 16 points, Maximum of 28 points 

Only applicants proficient in demonstrating an intermediate to high-level knowledge in Canada’s official languages, English or French, will be acknowledged. Applicants who reach the minimum threshold must score at least 16 points under this selection factor. Higher language proficiency can lead to an allocation of up to 24 points. 

The advantages of bilingualism are deemed marginal to an individual’s successful economic establishment in Canada. The new point system narrows points for a second official language to a maximum of 4. 

Employment Experience – Minimum of 9 points, Maximum of 15 points 

The new program requires a minimum of a year to qualify, and the maximum consideration is 6-years. 

Age – Maximum of 12 points 

Up to 12 points will be assigned to candidates between the ages of 18 and 35 years. Every year above the age of 35 will diminish the allocation by 1, with no points being granted as of age 47. 

Arranged Employment – 0 or 10 points 

Points are assigned to individuals with a verified offer of employment in Canada. To streamline labour market-related processes and overcome processing times for employers and their possible employees, the Arranged Employment Opinion method will be replaced with the Labour Market Opinion (LMO) employment validation manner, which is generally used in processing applications for Canadian work permissions. 

To validate an employment proposal and earn points for this selection factor, a candidate’s proposed employer must demonstrate to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada that a foreign worker’s hiring will possess neutral or positive economic consequences on the local labour demand. 

Candidates with a validated employment offer will gain 10 points under this factor and an additional 5 points in the Adaptability selection determinant for a total of 15 points. 

Adaptability – Maximum of 10 points 

Applicants who hold at least one year of full-time Canadian work experience in a managerial, professional, technical or skilled trade occupation will be awarded maximum points. As mentioned above, a validated offer of employment will provide five adaptability points. 

Other considerations granting points under this selection factor include: –  

  • A close adult relative living in Canada;  
  • Applicant or spouse has studied in Canada;  
  • Spouse has former Canadian work experience;  
  • Spouse identifies of one of Canada’s official languages. 


CIC policy validates that the Federal Skilled Worker Program, while well-tailored to choose highly educated individuals, does not support skilled trades applications. To guarantee the Canadian labor market brings sufficient trades workers, qualified trades’ candidates may now implement permanent residence under the Federal Skilled Trades Program. 

Please Note: The points for Express Entry may vary time to time. We advise you stay updated and discuss the same with trusted immigration consultant before applying.

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