Our Story

When we set up Jet Immigration in 2007, we did not create another Immigration Consultancy in Canada. Instead, we carried forward a small legacy whose roots were laid down over 40 years ago by Mr. Sarbjit Soni, who is the founding pillar of the organization and has witnessed the initial days of Canadian Immigration History in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

What started as a travel agency – Guru Nanak Travel Advisers in a small town in Northern India on April 13, 1974 turned into a leading source for Immigration to North America.

One such country at the forefront of all immigration was Canada. Abundant resources, lack of skilled manpower and immense opportunities drove the Canadian Government to set up initiatives to find immigrants willing to settle in Canada.

We are associated with Immigration to Canada from days when Airlines hired Canvassing Agents to hold ‘Town Hall Style’ meetings and create awareness about the benefits of Immigrating to Canada and promote Canada as a preferred Immigrant Destination in order to fill the airplane seats and attract the talent. It was a time when sponsoring your wife to Canada after you had arrived required a simple application in the morning and an approval/rejection by evening.

Sarbjit Soni started off as one of those canvassers and as they say, the rest is history.

Times have changed over the years, attaining Canadian Immigration is now much tougher – frauds are many. Authorities are more selective with who they let in and out of Canada.

Amidst gradual changes in immigration policy and the Canadian Government’s mandate to regulate the Canadian Immigration Consulting Industry in 2004, Mr. Monit Soni was the youngest Immigration Consultant in the organised Immigration Consulting Sector of the Region and a prime consultant since 1997.

So far, the Soni Family has helped secure Canadian Visas for over 5000 applicants. Credited with solving some of the more complex immigration cases which other consultants had given up on. Jet Immigration has provided true representation before concerned immigration authorities on such occasions and had rulings in client’s favor.

For us, the biggest achievement is when internet enthusiasts recommend us on third party forums saying, “Jet Immigration in Brampton, he is a nice guy. Everybody charges 3000-3500 but he is not a fraud”

And that is what we stand for – Service, Trust and Success – Your Success!

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