Immigrating to Canada via the Business Investment route? Here are the key tips

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As a self-employed businessperson outside Canada, setting up a business within Canada and immigrating can be an equally challenging and fulfilling scenario. There are many immigration streams across various Canadian Provinces which facilitate an applicant’s Canadian Immigration as result of an investment or business start-up under the prescribed criteria and guidelines. Listed below are the key guidelines for the business investment route.

8 Important Guidelines to help strengthen your Investor Class Application

  1. Have a clear distinction between your business intentions and actual ability to invest. They are not one and the same.
  2. Get your net worth evaluated as per the current valuations in Canadian Dollars
  3. Ensure that your business investment proposal is completely in line with your past experience. Attempting to immigrate on the basis of a new venture with no previous experience will face stiff resistance
  4. The more past business experience you have, the more solid is your case
  5. Your English and French proficiency do aid your application process even though they may not be mandatory for a specific immigration investment stream
  6. If you are conducting or have conducted an exploratory visit, your formal research and detailed reports will go a long way to strengthen your application
  7. You must be able to prove that your net worth or investment funds have been legally earned from a legitimate source
  8. If you have any relatives with existing vested interests in that particular province or destination this will add an advantage to your application

Complexities in the Business Investment route

Investment Immigration Programs are complex in nature and professional representation is recommended for an effective attempt. To ensure sound advice, correct representation and smooth, error-free processing use a trusted Immigration Consultant to help you with your application.

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